Healthcare professionals

Dear Provider,

Our goal at GenX Laboratories is to offer you accurate, timely, and flexible laboratory services to complement your practice. We partner with our clients and tailor our services to each of their unique practice needs to aid in diagnosing, treating, and monitoring their patients. 

Some of our key strengths include:

  • Next day turnaround
  • Personalized customer service, no automated phone trees.
  • Custom panel configurations
  • Custom reflexive testing
  • Custom reference ranges
  • Comprehensive out of limits recap at the end of each report
  • Concierge courier and phlebotomy service
  • Online reporting
  • Bi-directional interface capability
  • Technical support 
  • Information, literature, and training on special anti-aging testing

We make it easy to set up an account and do all it takes to make a seamless transition.

Call toll free: 888-330-4884 or email us at: info@genxlaboratories.com